Brasil - São Paulo, 2009

Founded in 1976, Plasticiens Volants is a group located in the southwest of France, that produces giant inflatable puppets and balloons. These giant characters have flown in various urban spaces and have been used to tell the most beautiful stories. OSGEMEOS first came in contact with Plasticiens Volants through an invitation to participate in the Cultura Nova Festival in Heerlen, Netherlands. The curator of the festival introduced them to the group and together they created the tale "O Estrangeiro" (Portuguese for “The Foreigner”), whose central character a 20 meters high was designed by OSGEMEOS. This same character was painted at the same scale on the side of one of the buildings near a public park in Heerlen. After this first presentation OSGEMEOS and Plasticiens Volants had the idea to do this same project in São Paul. The giant was shown again in November 2009, in the Anhangabaú Valley, in São Paulo.

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