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Silence of the Music in New York

September 10, 2016


OG-LM24220 Gallery 1, East Wall 01Over a thousand people came to the opening of the “Silence of the Music” exhibition at Lehmann Maupin gallery in New York.

Exhibition was conceived as a  site-specific, where each of the five rooms has a unique selection of paintings and objects covering the walls, from the floor to the ceiling.

In the first room, there are paintings with their style that are most known, with references to the imaginary of Brazilian culture and its traditions, and also signs of a new artistic moment, more geometric and clean.

OG-LM24221 Gallery 1, West Wall 01

In another room, the brothers covered the walls with references to hip hop culture, including bboy icons such as Ken Swift, a collaboration with  Doze Green done over a photograph by Martha Cooper besides paintings in the format of  boomboxes with speakers.

OG-LM24230 Gallery 4, North Wall 01

In another room, the “Kiss” sculpture  takes the spectator  to other universes through music produced 100% automatically, just like a big music box.

OG-LM22109 O Beijo (The Kiss) (LMG 2016 Inst) 02

Photos: Max Yawney

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“Silence of the Music” exhibition

From 8th September to  22 October

Lehmann Maupin gallery

536 West 22nd Street

New York NY 10011