Brasil - São Paulo, 2014

The “Opera of the moon” exhibition consists of approximately 30 new works within an immersive environment where the narrative universe of OSGEMEOS takes on a new dimension. In the first room, a flurry of paintings, sculptures and installations seem to be pulled by an extraordinary vortex, involving the visitor completely in the environment. In the second room, a special work that was kept secret until the opening day of the show - a giant zoetrope giving life and motion to different characters within a huge sculpture surrounded by ocean and moonlight. This room also features a soundtrack composed in partnership with Ben Mor (USA) and DJ Zegon (Brazil). In a third space, the visitor finds a home made especially for the gallery, with an interactive 3D installation also with original music composed by DJ Zegon. Beside the house, more paintings and sculptures, including the work "Portrait with Paminondas" - a special installation that allows visitors to leave the show with a picture next to one of their endearing characters.

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