França, 2008

On a trip to New York years ago, OSGEMEOS watched an inspiring movie on the airplane called Alegria (Joy). Coincidentally, a few days later while walking on a subway platform, they found a newspaper lying on the ground with a photo of Slava and information about Slava’s Snow Show which was playing on Broadway at the time. Because of the connection between Slave and OSGEMEOS’s visual language in both the film and newspaper images they decided to see the show. That was the first time OSGEMEOS saw Slava on stage and they were simply delighted because they could relate, in many ways, their universe with his. Years later, Slava and his family visited Brazil and saw OSGEMEOS’s work for the first time. The brothers were finally able to meet him, and instantly became great friends. He invited OSGEMEOS to spend time at his house in France to create a very special project – to paint the whole façade of the house, and to create Slava’s grandaughter’s room. The producer Gwenael Allan had the idea to entwine their universes in a 45-second-long animation video. This once again gave OSGEMEOS the opportunity to spend time and work with an artist who became part of their family. Recently, Slava returned to Brazil and invited them to create an installation in the lobby of the theater on the premiere of Slava's Snow Show in Rio de Janeiro and in São Paulo.

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